Our certifications

Quality first and foremost.

certificazioni hero Certifications DQG

DQG chooses to place quality above everything else.

Our Made in Italy production of frames and casings is a perfect mix of industrial efficiency and attention to detail that is typical of artisan manufacture.

It is a mix that identifies our PVC doors and windows: their high quality standards are guaranteed by multiple certificates and awards.

manuale Certifications DQG

User manual and guarantee

Our doors and windows have a 10-year guarantee that covers high impact resistance and functionality.

02 CERTIFICAZIONI 02 KIWA Certifications DQG

Quality certification

Our company has implemented an ISO 9001 quality management system that guarantees our constant commitment to improving the production process and the final product.

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cribis Certifications DQG

Cribis Prime Company Award

This is awarded to companies whose reliability in trade relations and financial stability is top level.

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esna soa Certifications DQG

Esna-Soa Award

This certification is obligatory for companies that want to do public works offered by Contracting Authorities for amounts above 150,000 Euros.

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posa clima Certifications DQG

PosaClima Partnership

PosaClima is the best certification in Italy for the installation of extremely energy efficient doors and windows. Being a PosaClima partner means that our installation is qualified as indicated in the PosaClima Manual.

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Klima haus Certifications DQG

ClimateHouse Partnership

ClimateHouse is an Italian and European leader in the building energy efficiency certification field. Partnership guarantees the optimal energy performances of our doors and windows.

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csi cert Certifications DQG

Product certification


CSI operates in the product certification field; certification is binding and voluntary, following the criteria of absolute independence, impartiality and technical skills established by the reference standards for accreditation.

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ist giordano Certifications DQG

Product certification Italy


Istituto Giordano is a Certification Organisation and Laboratory that certifies the mechanical performance of casings, for example air permeability, watertightness and wind resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation.

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ift Certifications DQG

Product certification


Ift Rosenheim supplies technical-scientific services internationally and, as a testing laboratory, it specialises in the evaluation of construction product usability.

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empa Certifications DQG

Product certification


EMPA is the institute that attests and certifies the quality and performance of doors and windows for the Swiss market.

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cstb Certifications DQG

Product certification


CSTB carries out third party evaluation independently; its evaluations are considered as a statement of reliable and recognised performance.
More specifically, it evaluates construction product performance for the French market.

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