Rolling shutters

Available in aluminium and steel, our rolling shutters for windows guarantee perfect darkness, protection, security, and resistance to bad weather.

Rolling shutters DQG

Easy to clean, DQG rolling shutters insulate from draughts and offer an optimal level of acoustic insulation. They are installed inside a visible box that can be made of uPVC or wood, whichever you prefer.

As an alternative, you can choose a concealed box to add a touch of elegance to your room. This type of box is perfectly suited to any design solution, even when renovating.

In line with smart home technology, the rolling shutter can be opened manually using a strap, or motorised for greater practicality and comfort.

Avvolgibili DQG con cassetto

Visible box

Avvolgibili DQG senza cassetto

Concealed box

Avvolgibili DQG finiture

Modern finishes

Avvolgibili DQG effetto legno

Wood effect finishes

Avvolgibili DQG stanza
Avvolgibili DQG interno
Avvolgibili DQG stanza

Technical details


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Strap opening

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Motorised opening

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Visible uPVC box

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Visible wooden box

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Concealed box

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Available in plain colours, wood effect and marble effect.

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