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Why choose DQG?

  • 55 years of experience in uPVC windows and doors production.
  • Custom-made casings and frames, which can be made even arched and out-of-square
  • Wide selection of colours and finishes to choose from.
  • 10-year guarantee on all our products
  • Burglar resistance up to class RC3
  • Standard tilt and turn and microventilation windows
  • Anti-corrosion hardware
  • uPVC blend with special UV-protection
  • Scratch resistant finishes
  • Technical consulting
  • Qualified installation

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A world of services for clients

Window and door casings are no longer your problem: DQG takes your requirements and transforms them into splendid closing elements. We offer these services: free consultancy to define the doors and windows that are most suitable for your home, clear and detailed estimates, measurements taken on-site by expert personnel, installation and after-sales assistance.

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    Why uPVC?

    Acoustic and thermal insulation. uPVC is an insulating material and thanks to the multi-chamber profiles, it is able to achieve very high thermal and acoustic performances which is perfect for energy-efficient houses.

    Energy saving. Thanks to its thermal properties, uPVC improves the indoor home comfort and drastically reduces heating and air conditioning bills.

    Value for money. With the same technical features of other materials, uPVC windows and doors are more affordable.

    Maintenance. uPVC is remarkably resilient, durable and maintenance free: windows and doors look great even after years of use. Only cleaning once a year is advised.

    UV and weather resistance. It is suitable for any weather conditions and maintains its long-term properties in case of humidity, high and low temperatures.

    A long-lasting, advantageous investment

    No matter whether for a new building or as a replacement, buying new frames and casings for doors and windows means making an important investment that has to last a lifetime!

    This is why we put quality at the top of our priorities. Only in this way can our casings help you save lots of energy during both winter and summer, increase the comfort of your home, and make it more secure against break-ins.

    Choosing DQG doors and windows means improving the quality of your life.
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