The parallel sliding door made of practical, simple uPVC.

Profilo DQG S96

DQG S96 is the uPVC casing system with slim, essential lines that is used to make our parallel sliding doors.

It is particularly suited to hot climatic areas or for closing porches, terraces and hospitality areas. If requested, this type of frame can be supplied with double sliding panels on parallel tracks and a lower aluminium threshold, which makes it easier to move from inside to outside and back again. DQG S96 is also perfect for small openings, for example uPVC windows.

Profilo DQG S96

Inside view

Profilo DQG S96

Outside view

Profilo DQG S96

Mullion sash/frame

Profilo DQG S96


System data sheet



96x40 mm


60x86 mm

Glass thickness up to

33 mm


Air permeability

up to class 3

Water tightness

up to class 5A

Wind load resistance

up to class C2


Acoustic (Rw)

up to 40 dB

Thermal (Uw)

up to 1,42 W/m2k

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