Historical residential complex in Trieste

Renovation of a historical building in Trieste.

This historical and prestigious building, with two blocks and an exterior connecting gallery called Galleria Protti, is located in the heart of Trieste, between Via di Tor Bandena and Piazza Borsa.

All the casings (770 in total) were changed to improve the energy efficiency of the residential complex.

25 days were needed to remove the old casings and install the new ones, an operation that was carefully managed by 3 of our assembly teams. Everything was done without asking the complex inhabitants to leave their homes.

The DQG 70 profile was used to guarantee an effective upgrade. The colour chosen was our Mass white, which gives the spaces an institutional tone. In addition to the classic windows with two frames, windows with 3 frames were also installed.

Building: Historical building

Intervention: Renovation

Number of windows/doors: 770

Country: Italy

Area: Trieste, Via di Tor Bandena

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