Social Housing in Milan

Complesso residenziale QUID Quintiliano District.

This recent social housing project is located just a few kilometres from the centre of Milan: it is an energy class A housing complex that offers prestigiously-finished apartments of different type and size for rent, and common spaces aimed at favouring relations between residents.

QUID Quintiliano District has three buildings with three and five floors, positioned such a way as to create a private central courtyard.

340 doors and windows were produced for the 89 residential units. More in detail, our DQG 70 two-tone profile was chosen: the doors and windows are White inside, Anthracite grey outside, so as to exalt each detail of the building faces.

Building: Social Housing

Intervention: New building

Number of windows/doors: 340

Country: Italy

Area: Milan, Via Quintiliano

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