Social Housing residential apartment blocks

A social inclusion project in Rovereto.

An important reclamation and social, environmental and economic requalification operation was recently started in the southern area of Rovereto, where the production site of the ex Marangoni Meccanica used to be.

The project involved the disposal of 11,000 square metres of asbestos and 75,000 kilograms of solid urban waste, followed by the construction of two apartment blocks with 5 and 9 floors.

334 high-energy saving doors and windows were installed for the 68 apartments, made applying the social housing formula. DQG 70 Mass white profiles were used, with double glazing and a certified noise level reduced to 40dB. The thermal transmittance of the window (Uw) as a whole is 1.20 W/m2k.

Building: Social Housing

Intervention: New building

Number of windows/doors: 334

Country: Italy

Area: Rovereto (Trento)

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